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Privacy Compliancy
This site is GDPR compliant as it is an artistic portfolio that does not promote any commercial activity, nor is it revenue generated. No personal statistics are requested.
About me
I am Eric, a  photographer from beautiful Vancouver, based both in Canada and the Netherlands, working primarily on a freelance basis. I hope you enjoy these images for their value and for no other reason. Check back again, as I regularly add images.
Note that my work is not for commercial distribution without the my agreement. All rights to these images are reserved and copyrighted.
Find me also on IG.

A simple statement
I am dedicated to capturing the human form in its perfection. Please do not contact me if you have ulterior motives, for I am principled.  I respect and adhere to laws and legal codes. No models shall be named or identified unless they express an explicit desire for this on any of my web presences. 

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